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Together, let’s end Judgment Fraud in the UAE!

The title, the ‘judgment debtor’ is reserved to describe the person who owes the judgment creditor the amount (damages) stated in the criminal judgments and has not paid the debt. In common law in the UAE, the debtors will be jailed until they have paid their debt. ..."The Judgment Debtor, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Former UAE President and Ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate"

Global Campaigns - Abu Dhabi Judgments For Sale!

Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The Judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies...Abu Dhabi Court-Judgments For Sale

Global Campaigns - Join the Boycott Campaign!

The articles on lives of inmates lodged in UAE Prison will be updated on a powerful campaign website (http://www.boycottuae.com/) from here on. None of the facts are exaggerated, and none of the stories have been tailored in order to dramatize the experiences. All the articles are the one-on-one account of prison life as told by people who have served in the prisons of the UAE. While putting up the site we have performed extensive research to present the facts in purest sense. All our research and findings have been incorporated in the website and where ever possible we have tried to include our references for the source of our information...Join the Boycott Campaign!


Here in this case, the UAE authority cowardly committed cruelty and discrimination against a victim of police brutality. On the other hand, both the courts in Abu Dhabi, including Supreme Court, the legal court of appeal, were fully satisfied and praised the conduct of the victim throughout the judicial proceedings.

A businessman from India, Jabir’s office was ransaked by the police and money and documents were looted. Jabir was chained and tortured and later confined to an underground police station where his rutheless torture continued. Later he was taken to central prison of Abu Dhabi.

There he was arbitrarily detained for a year. The crucial part of this case, as recognized by the court, it was the handiwork of a police officer for personal gain. The police officer accepted his guilt in the court. The other two policemen involved in the case declared, that they were misguided by the police officer. The court instructed the authorities to take steps against the police officer who was guilty.

In the wake of the judicial findings by the Court, all the assets illegally taken away should have been restored to the victim; his former status and position should have been restored and he should have been adequately compensated for the mental agony and suffering as well as pecuniary losses and loss of his dignity. Unfortunately, the police officials acted in total defiance of the findings and the verdict of the UAE Courts.

They resorted to high handed behaviour by deporting Jabir back to India in total disregard of the pronouncements made by the highest Court of the land. Jabir endeavoured to seek justice against the high-handed action of the police officials and the Government of UAE under which they were functioning.

No relief whatsoever has been given despite all the efforts taken for obtaining justice. The gruesome details are narrated in Jabir’s Testimonials.

The facts are evident and born out by the records attached herein. They are all based on “facts, facts and facts”. They may be examined, and relief may be rushed to him for the clearly established violation of Human Rights in UAE. View report at:
'UAE Violations of Human Rights'

The Emirates is one place where the court is a farce, where the judiciary is just an eye wash, and the prisons diabolical. Shame on a country, that has no respect for the law they themselves made. Find more details at the following links.


     The Bright and Dark Sides of UAE

 The Bright and Dark Side
Child Slavery Lawsuit
Stop Port Deal
 Port Deal Images
 The Horror Facts
 Free Trade USA - UAE
 Migrant Workers




'The offending State of UAE which is responsible vicariously for the crimes, torts and other illegal actions of its officials. The situation in which a citizen of India is totally deprived of his property has its constitutional implications. The exhibit highlights ... More at: UAE LEAKS

'Social Web site Orkut and politically oriented Web sites ArabTimes.com and UAEPrison.com remained blocked during the year. Etisalat denied having the authority to block any site and referred all complaints and suggestions to the NMC.  View 'Internet Freedom' at:
Reports on Human Rights Practices In United Arab Emirates  (2008)

“'It is possible to illustrate with specific factual data how such important and essential basic rights were violated with impunity by the late ruler, Sheikh Zayed'!  View full text at:
"Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan an Anti-Hero or Villain"?


Jabir's Case: Jabir was residing in Abu Dhabi over 18 years and owned several establishments of which could be estimated at about 100 million US Dollars. He was framed under false criminal charges of ‘Assaulting Policemen and UAE National’. ... ...More at Case Updates

UAE Judiciary:
CAUTION! Unfortunately under the UAE system the Executive without an implied or express power would interfere even in a clear case of acquittal...More 

UAE History
: Before British intervention, the area was notorious for its pirates and slave trade and was called the Pirate Coast...More

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven Emirates established in 1971. None has any democratically elected institutions... 'Reports on Human Rights Practices in the UAE - 2005'.

I think the message of the site is important and more people should be aware of these issues....... View Response

It's been almost 6 months since I am trying to find a way to expose UAE's corrupt government. Fortunately your website is one of the most reliable .... 
Response Archives

"Can you imagine doing business in a society where your staff are at risk of being arrested, detained or exiled for no apparent reason?".... The Business Case

Human rights are important for business at all times... The w
orld Economic Forum, Davos

The Arab Human Development Report can serve as an indictment before any tribunal against hundreds of Arab Rulers! The Misery

Innocent citizens have been like flies to wanton boys for these oil gods who flog them for their sport rather than faith... India - UAE


 (The harsh experience of Mr. Jabir is a case in point in this context)

Jabir P.K.
Jabir P.K.

“There is yet another basic principle, about the Police executive totally replacing judicial declaration. The well-cherished segregation of powers between Judiciary and Executive is subverted in the process. The 15 years old sufferings of Mr. Jabir will be unfolded in the papers which form the accompaniments".


Introduction Civil Suit Serious Consequences My Prison Life

The relevant extract from the Judgment Under No. 188/1996 dated 18/4/1996 rendered by the Legal Court of Appeal, Abu Dhabi, UAE : 'Verily the Islamic law and the entire positive laws have honoured man and protected his freedom, his honour, his property and his soul. Hence, if man was killed while protecting these he is considered to be a martyr.

And limitation of his freedom without any right is an unforgiving crime and the same is mentioned in the provisions of Article 2 & 3 of the Penal Procedure Code. And it is proved in this case that the policemen along with the local went to arrest the accused, without any right and curtailed his freedom...

(The operative part of the Judgment which clearly revealed the malafides and the arbitrary way in which the police department and the local acted. It further reiterated the condemnation of the prosecutor.)

    True and correct version of the Judgment rendered in the above matter

Judgment Full Version English Arabic

The misuse of the executive power is very evident from the order of deportation passed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Interior, (No.2/52/29404, Dated 28.09.1996) despite the acquittal by two courts of Mr.Jabir in the UAE.

Deportation Order English Arabic

Letter To The Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Indians Government of India

Letter To The UAE Ruler,  H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan


"Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation...".
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Hindustan Times
Citizen's News
These are prisoners whom the Abu Dhabi police try to keep out of sight of the outside world. Visting dignitaries are led through prison corridors where there is discipline and respect for law. But few get to know what happens behind the walls. ...Full Text

                                          PRESS REPORTS ON HUMAN RIGHTS, UAE - MAIN PAGE

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