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Torture Video Puts UAE Nuke Deal in Doubt!

Probably the most disturbing video of our century, that shows Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, one of 22 royal brothers of the UAE President and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince attacking a helpless Afghan merchant with the assistance of police and others is threatening a multibillion-dollar nuclear power deal between the US and the Gulf kingdom.

The deal was sealed on January 15 during President Bush’s last week in office, but needs to be recertified by the Obama Administration. Under its terms, the US agrees to provide nuke technology and equipment to the UAE.

In contrast to the agreement the U.S. has signed with other countries, including India, under the proposed deal the UAE will forego the right to uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing. The processes are essential for making the fuel that power nuclear reactors but are also used to produce nuclear weapons.

Jim McGovern, the Democratic co-chairman of the congressional Human Rights Commission, viewed the videotape published by ABC News on April 22, 2009 and told that it was “one of the most horrific things I have ever seen in my life”.

McGovern blasted the UAE's "culture of impunity" which permitted the royal, Sheik Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to commit such violent acts without apparent concern of facing prosecution. As witnesses noted, the UAE initially declined to detain or prosecute Sheik Issa, even after viewing the tapes, which were shot in 2004. Nor did it investigate uniformed officials who appear on the tape, aiding Issa as he beat, shocked, bloodied, burned and drove over his victims.

McGovern praised ABC for bringing the tape to public notice. "If it wasn't for this videotape," Sheik Issa's shocking practices "would have gone unnoticed," the lawmaker said. "And shame on us for not bringing something like this to light."

McGovern urged a halt to "further U.S. expenditures of funds, training, sales or transfers of equipment or technology including nuclear until a full review" of the incidents captured on the video. View full report at:
'Nahyan Sheikh' caught red-handed in a shocking Torture Video' .

                                                  Chain Reaction

The pending civilian nuclear cooperation deal between the U.S. and United Arab Emirates was "Half-baked and hasty at best, foolhardy and dangerous at worst", the UAE deal should not be rushed through Congress, nor should its paper clauses obscure the real regional dynamics behind the rush to nuclear power. 

The United States cannot stop the UAE from pursuing civilian nuclear energy. Indeed, it is the UAE's right to do so. What the United States can do is avoid making deals that put industry above security. No matter how you try to sell it, nuclear power plants are, as energy guru Amory Lovins says, a "nuclear weapons starter kit."

The United States should take a hard look at nuclear energy and think about the implications of correcting climate change by actively promoting an energy source that can be made into humankind's deadliest weapon. View full report at: How the U.S.-UAE nuclear deal could set off a Middle East arms race.

                        UAE Torture Tapes Shock House Hearing

A House hearing became a sea of stony faces, grimaces and shielded eyes Wednesday as attendees were played 10 minutes of harrowing video footage showing a United Arab Emirates sheik brutally torturing an Afghan grain dealer and others. View full report at: UAE Torture Tapes Shock House Hearing.

Updated: May 20, 2009

                        10 Smart Reasons to STOP Port Deal!
1     National Security:  Maritime Terrorism
2     Terrorism Connections: Ties to Terror!
3     Money Laundering: Financial Industry in the UAE
4     Judicial Independence: Judicial Independence in the UAE
5     Human Rights: The Victims of Injustice in the UAE
6     Labour Rights: Abuse of Migrant Workers In the UAE
7     Human Trafficking: Trafficking in Persons Report (2005), UAE
8    The Evils of Monopoly: Policy on Monopoly of Ports Business
9     Anti-Semitism: Anti Semitic; Anti Semitism
10   Democracy in UAE: Freedom, Democracy and Censorship

View Here: The Port Deal.
View Here:
Free Trade USA - UAE


                                        The BCCI Affair

Abedi created the UAE. He planted the idea of the UAE as a federation to Sheikh Zayed. These people had no standing anywhere in the world. They were smugglers and tribesmen. (The BCCI Banking Scandal).

UAE Business Deal Images and Links


             No Free Trade Pacts Without Reform !

The United States and the European Union should not sign free trade deals with the UAE until it ends its mistreatment of foreign workers.

One of the world’s largest construction booms is feeding off of workers in Dubai, but they’re treated as less than human. It’s no surprise that some workers have started rioting in protest. What’s surprising is that the government of the UAE is doing nothing to solve the problem. Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch (HRW) View Full  Text



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