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Gulf War 



The Abu Ghurayb Prison The Abu Ghurayb [Abu Ghraib] prison is located approximately 20 miles west of Baghdad. The facility occupies 280 acres with over 4 kilometers of security perimeter and 24 guard towers. The prison is composed of five distinct compound each surrounded by guard towers and high walls. Built by British contractors in the 1960s, Abu Ghurayb is a virtual city within a city.  View  Pictures

UAE Participation The defense pact with the United States, which permits Washington to base troops and surveillance aircraft within the UAE federation boundaries. Since the Gulf War, Jebel Ali port in Dubai has become crucial to the U.S. naval operations in the Persian Gulf because it is the safest liberty port in the region and the only harbor in the Gulf deep enough to berth an aircraft carrier.


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The Persian Gulf War originated with Iraqi's invasion of Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990. Iraqi president Saddam Hussein declared that the invasion was a response to overproduction of oil and illegally pumping for more than $2 billion in oil from a contested reserve that lay beneath both countries. Iraq also demanded Kuwait cancel the debt Iraq owed from the Iran-Iraq War.  ... More at Gulf War  a  brief history

IRAQ - A Country Study Library of Congress Federal Research Division - May 1988.
State Terror and the Degradation of Politics in Iraq by Isam al-Khafaji.

An enterprise that was misconceived from the beginning was hardly going to reach a smooth end. Now that it has started, it has to be run differently - with more money, more personnel, more allies and a timetable for free elections. To get all that may require one more thing, which only the American people can provide, 14 months from now: new leadership. Iraq becomes a hub of terror under US occupation

It's a cruel story that civilized people will never be comfortable with, as we wonder what kind of thoughts ran through the boy's head in his last moments.
"Mustafa Hussein: Genesis of a legend"

Saving Himself, Not Revenge for Sons, on Saddamís Mind. 
The Ultimate Survivor  

The killing of six British soldiers by an angry mob of civilians in Majar-al-Kabir near Basra in Iraq on Tuesday is a grim reminder of the dangers that await Indian troops should the Vajpayee government agree to their deployment in aid of the US-UK occupation of that country.  Iraq killings bode ill for Indian troops

The deadliest single attack on coalition forces came on March 23, the early days of the U.S.-led invasion, when Iraqis opened fire on a U.S. Army maintenance convoy near the southern town of Nasiriyah, killing 11 soldiers.  The casualties were a shock to British troops

The U.S.- led war that toppled Saddam Hussein forced Iraq's neighbors to contemplate their weaknesses and lack of democracy, Arab leaders ...  Arabs fear U.S. plans after Iraq

His irreverent web diary became an internet sensation during the war. Now, in the first of his fortnightly Guardian columns, Salam Pax reports on life in the Iraqi capital.  Baghdad Blogger

The United Nations was not party to the invasion of Iraq, but it has long played an intrusive role in the country, beginning with the crippling sanctions

Iraq was not a terrorist threat - but America has turned it into one

Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter, Raghad Saddam Hussein, describes her family's flight from Iraq and her father's betrayal in an interview

Ambush kills three soldiers from unit that attacked Saddam sons

Uday, Qusay killed in Mosul raid

U.S. offers $25 million for Saddam 

Bremer Seeks More Troops for Iraq

Bush: No Return To Tyranny In Iraq

UK troops to lead Iraq multinational force 

British forces set 48-hour deadline for surrender of Iraqi gunmen

Death and chaos in Iraq

Six British soldiers dead, eight hurt as a fragile peace fractures

Saddam is alive and active: US

AP: Iraq war killed 3,240 civilians

U.S. soldier killed, one wounded in Baghdad

Blix: I was smeared by the Pentagon

Let's help rebuild Iraq's labour movement


The shocking extent of unexploded cluster bombs dropped by American and British planes, which litter Iraq eight weeks after the conflict, is revealed in detail for the first time today.  The cluster bombs that litter Iraq

The occupation of Iraq has given the Arab world the choice of national resistance or reconstruction.  Out of the crucible

It was here that the wheel was invented and the first mathematical system developed. Here, the first poetry was written, notably the epic Gilganesh, a classic of ancient literature. 
Troops 'vandalise' ancient city of Ur 

I wish Arab rulers will understand the lesson from Iraq. Freedom should be granted to the Arab masses. And this in turn will bring prosperity and unity at a later stage. Arabs have no future without unity.
Arab rulers 'must learn Iraq lessons' 

Disabled veterans gather outside their homes in a special walled community. They have asked U.S. authorities for medical care and protection from looters but so far they have received nothing.
Disabled Iraqi veterans struggle to find protection and assistance.

The US is preparing to install an American chairman on a planned management team of the Iraqi oil industry, providing further ammunition to critics who have questioned the Bush administration's agenda in the Middle East.
American to oversee Iraqi oil industry

The ouster of Saddam Hussein has done little to quell the world's suspicions about U.S. motives in Iraq despite the Bush administration's insistence that its soldiers came as liberators, not conquerors.
U.S. motives in Iraq still questioned

The US is planning a long-term military presence in Iraq, in a move which will dramatically extend American power in the region and spread dismay and fear among its opponents across the Arab world. The Guardian

A latte - and a rifle to go

After the war US presence comes under fierce attack

Grenade attack kills American soldier and injures five

Soldier arrested over Iraqi torture photos

Short: Blair lied to cabinet

Saddam daughters to claim asylum

Oil in Iraq: The Morning After

Plan to Secure Postwar Iraq Faulted

Brutal Crime on Rise in Iraq

U.S. Plans International Force in Iraq.

What if real democracy rears its head?

Death of civilian demonstrators must be investigated.

U.N. returns to Baghdad

Israel is happy to see a major strategic threat removed

US troops 'kill 13' after shooting at Iraqi crowd

Shunted aside in Iraq
: What happened to the UN's 'vital role' ?

Tariq Aziz in US custody after surrendering to American forces

What happened to the much-vaunted Republican and Special Republican Guard? 

"US more keen on oil than Iraqi people"

Many Iraqis sceptical as Garner tours Baghdad

Post-Saddam Newspaper Set to Roll Off Baghdad Press

The US military's list of 55 leading Iraqis to be captured or killed.


BBC News Online looks back at several events in the war in Iraq that turned out to be not quite what they seemed. 
Iraq War: Unanswered questions

The ORHA's mission is to provide humanitarian assistance, work on reconstructing Iraq and prepare for the eventual creation of an interim government by the Iraqis themselves. The ORHA

"The US victory in Iraq can be seen as a moral, psychological and political defeat for many Arabs,"
Arab press review

He said that all the other doctors had already gone, fearing that the most perilous moment was this power vacuum between the collapse of Saddam Husseinís regime and the Americans taking control. 

ďThis is a government hospital ó we are located on the government side,Ē he explained. ďIím working for the Government. Iím a symbol of the regime. Even if I donít think I am, they will think I am. 
After the liberation comes the fear

"This is just a scene from hell here. All the vehicles on fire. There are bodies burning around me, there are bodies lying around, there are bits of bodies on the ground. This is a really bad own goal by the Americans. This is just a scene from hell

This war was never a fair fight. Iraq is a fifth-rate power, shrunken in military prowess by at least 30 percent since Gulf War I. 

But there are millions of " Fouads" in Iraq, and they are fighting back. Not for Saddam, or for the Baath Party, but due to the most basic of human instincts: hatred of foreign invaders. 

No amount of "shock and awe" will erase it from their hearts. Even after an American "victory," it will smolder, and its smoke will rise up and make the very air unbreathable for the occupiers.
   The first disastrous week of war foretells a dire future

Celebrating freedom with confinement

Waging war on a crippled country

Children main victims of cluster bombs

Was Saddam still alive as statue toppled?

First Iraq conference says democracy is the priority

Amnesty International's main concerns on the war in Iraq

Quarrelsome factions discuss future

'Agreement on Iraq' at EU enlargement signing

US admits Mosul killings

As the body count rises, journalists covering Iraq struggle to tell the truth.

First female journalist dies in Iraq

Silenced in the name of freedom

Cluster bombs liberate Iraqi children

Basra bombing 'destroyed my family'

Iraq war will produce 100 Bin Ladens

Muslim wrath over Iraq war shakes Middle East on weekly day of prayers

Allies Risk 3000 Casualties in Baghdad Ex-General

Coercion, all in the name of  democracy

Middle East democracy a false hope

Angry Arabs condemn war

Arab impotence and misguided anger

Arabs Oppose War on Iraq, Snub UAE on Saddam Exile


Steve Bell cartoons on Iraq

Liar, liar                 Steve Bell cartoons



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