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Ties to Terror!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its permissive business environment, has emerged as an important locus of criminal activity. It's also becoming a more important transit avenue for drug shipments from Southwest Asia on their way to Turkey, Europe, and Africa.
Drug traffickers, terrorist groups, and organized crime groups have established their criminal and money-laundering networks in Dubai and conduct major financial transactions. The UAE is also a major center for underground banking hawala networks tied to India and Pakistan.

There is extensive smuggling of contraband through Dubai, into whose ports more than half of the containers shipped to and through the UAE arrive.

According to the international shipping industry, UAE seaports are handling nearly 5 million containers per year, 2.8 million in Dubai alone. More than 70 percent of containers arriving in UAE ports are in transit and are not inspected by customs officials, making them an attractive shipping option for criminals trafficking contraband through the region.

Dubai is believed to have been one of the most important conduits for Iran's nuclear technology acquisition program, according to U.S. court cases and interviews with experts in the field.

According to sanctions experts and numerous U.S. court and regulatory cases, Iranian front companies uses Dubai to evade U.S. economic sanctions on Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. The UAE doesn't recognize those sanctions.

Osama bin Laden's operatives still use Dubai, United Arab Emirates as a logistical hub. The recent arrest of an alleged top al-Qaeda combat coach is the latest sign that suspected members of the terrorist organization are among those who take advantage of travel rules that allow easy entry.

In 2004, Qari Saifullah Akhtar, a Pakistani suspected of training thousands of al-Qaida fighters, was arrested in the UAE and turned over to officials in his homeland.

The father of Pakistan's nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, has acknowledged heading a clandestine group that, with the help of a Dubai company, supplied Pakistani nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and
North Korea.

UN officials have accused Victor Bout (A Russian Smuggler Victor Vassilyevich Bout) of using the United Arab Emirates as a permanent base using many "flags of convenience" and sub-contracting arrangements for his aircraft to facilitate illegal arms and diamond smuggling activities.

UAE has many ties to 9/11. About half the $250,000 spent on the Sept. 11 attacks was wired to al-Qaida terrorists in the United States from Dubai banks, authorities said. Al-Qaida money in Dubai banks also has been linked to the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

Half of all applications to buy U.S. military equipment from Dubai are from bogus front companies, officials say. "Iran," adds one U.S. official, "is building a bomb through Dubai."

Although the UAE was aware that terrorists and other international criminals had laundered money through the UAE, and that it was the center for terrorist operations, it did little to address the problem despite, providing material support to Al-Qaida, Hamas and other designated terrorist organizations.

US News reports in it's recent article,  'from Egypt to Afghanistan, when terrorists and gangsters need a place to meet, to relax, maybe to invest, they head to Dubai, a bustling city-state on the Persian Gulf. The Middle East's unquestioned financial capital'. (An Unlikely Criminal Crossroads)

Main Page:10 Smart Reasons to STOP Port Deal!


UAE Port Deal Brings to Light Other Horrors!
View More at: The storm over port deal; the Horror Factsl


             No Free Trade Pacts Without Reform !

The United States and the European Union should not sign free trade deals with the UAE until it ends its mistreatment of foreign workers.

One of the world’s largest construction booms is feeding off of workers in Dubai, but they’re treated as less than human. It’s no surprise that some workers have started rioting in protest. What’s surprising is that the government of the UAE is doing nothing to solve the problem.
       Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch (HRW)
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The Spying Issue
10 Smart Reasons to STOP Port Deal!

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