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Scotts Rape Case, United Arab Emirates. - Sandie

Wednesday, January 26, 2005 2:14 PM

To Whom it may concern,

I wish to thank you for such a wonder full website. This site has helped me a great deal to understand the workings of this country. I am 23 year old British woman and I have lived in the uae for 3 years happily, I work for my father for an oilfield rental company.

On the 13th may 2004 I was woken in the night by a man whom abducted me from my villa in Khalifa city, near Mussaffah, he hit me 7 times with a 400 volt cattle prod electricity device, he told me I would die, so when he dragged me to his car, I left my blood inside.

He took me to his family villa and subjected me to 7 hours of sexual mental and physical abuse, he cut off my hair wrote his name with a knife in my groin, beat me up badly raped me and sodomised me, also poured Dettol disinfected on me.

He let me go and I was picked off the ground by a taxi driver who took me home and told me to say nothing.

On returning home, my aunt had knew I was missing as the door was open and the house was strange, she could see I was in such distress, and gave me one glass vodka to calm down, later that day my fathers local sponsor, my pro and my father and I went to Mussafah police station, where I was told to go to Shabia police station, on arriving there I was sent from room to room explaining my story in such grief, then finally taken to 3 hospitals for forensic examination.

When I returned at 1am I had been there form 6pm, I was taken to a room with a clerk to give my statement, know one was allowed in the room and he was disgusting and not professional at all, he asked questions in a very dirty ways, my father was told to stay out the room as he was becoming very angry and we were not permitted a translator, I refused to sign the statement as I could not understand why it was now 5am and there was only 3 paragraphs of Arabic writing on a page, my father asked for a copy but we were refused and I just wanted home I had been through enough.

That part was over, the next day the man was caught only after our embassy was notified, and the police had persuaded my father to make a game to tell the mans father to come with his son to make apology and he was arrested, it seems that when the police had went to bring this man for questioning he had attacked the police with some other people at his home and had gone into hiding.

When the man's father arrived at the police he make a phone call and his son came after - I was in a room with mirrors and I freaked out - my father was left to deal with me - I don't remember much except I know we took a lawyer and I had my hair sample taken at the police station - a snip form the end which is wrong as it had to be taken from the follicle after later research.

Anyways the case dragged on, the man was in mental hospital then declared medically fit and transferred to prison, the prosecution visit came and I told my story again - they locked me in a room with 4 men alone and I freaked out, so a member from my embassy was allowed in.

I was told this man faced 5 charges - beating up the police, resisting arrest, rape, sodomy, and torture.

All I can do to explain this with out writing a novel is that the police are very corrupt the justice system don't exist here and its a disgusting country.

The police burned my medical evidences 4 days before my courts, I was placed in Watba central prison for the drink in my blood, I am now to be deported - when this man he received only 2 years in prison and 100 lashes, he did a total of 7 months with out lashes. and got a Eid pardon which my embassy or my lawyer don't know how he got it.

Its a disgusting story and we are still fighting ---- my embassy my Scottish government and my people, I am being witch hunted coz of this local man ...... and the connections he has with in the police and the law system .... that's enough for now.

Anyways I know what that prison is like and how the way non local people are treated and make to be criminals when they are not how cases are twisted and made up as they go along and how they set up people to rid of the situation ... they can not deal with it... as long as they have the Egjiption and Palistioan people in that authority nothing will change

Please pray for me

Yours truly Sandie.

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